Coed Senior League

The Senior League 2024

April 10th-October 2nd
The Senior Golf League is for men and women

over 55 years old.

We welcome all senior golfers who find enjoyment in the game

of golf and would like to meet other senior golfers.

Goals & Handicaps:
The goal of the Saddleback Senior Golf League is to promote the
enjoyment of the game of golf and create a fellowship

among its members through organized weekly play.

We strive to have fun, meet new friends and play competitively for prizes in

a socially companionable environment without being highly competitive.

We use net scores with league specific handicaps using the World
Handicap System (WHS) based on league scores only
(no need for a GHIN number)

Fees and Awards:
The annual fee to join the league is $10 to cover software,

administration costs and season awards.

Players can also join the optional hole in one pot for $5.

Each week players pay $7 prize fee for placement,

proximity, and skins awards.

$5 goes toward prize money for the placement awards
(low net score, 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. and proximity awards
closest to the pin and long putt)
Placement and Proximity awards are paid in
Saddleback club house credits.
$2 each week goes toward the skins game based on net score

on each hole. Skins awards are paid in cash.

New players are not charged the weekly $7 prize fee and cannot
participate in awards until after their handicap is established,

which takes two rounds of league play.

To minimize collecting fees each week, the League maintains
player’s accounts and ask players to pay in advance (4-6 weeks).
Weekly fees are deducted from the account and skins

prize money is credited to the account.

Saddleback green and cart fees are paid directly to

Saddleback Golf Club.

Tee Times & Pairings:
League play will be every Wednesday (weather permitting)

using a shotgun start at approximately 7:45 AM.

We randomly pair the players every week so everyone

gets to meet other players.

Couples are paired together unless they choose to

play separately.

If you have any questions regarding this league,
please contact league manager.
CD Osborne, cell:(303) 588-2999,
Visit the Senior’s League Tracking Website: