What you will be paying to play


Dynamic Pricing puts YOU in total control

Pick YOUR right TIME
for YOUR right PRICE!

Dynamic Pricing rates
are constantly updating
based on factors such as: 
the day of week, the time of day,
Colorado weather, and most importantly
golfer demand (or lack thereof) for specific tee times 

 Get the time and price that you want
by booking in advance
and take advantage of our
‘UP TO’  60-day booking window



(1-8 days out)


(9-60 days out)

The farther out you book your tee time,
the better chance you have of getting
YOUR best and most comfy deal! 

Adult Walking Rates for 9-holes
(effective FEBRUARY 2023-subject to change at the whim of ‘the suits’)
Weekday (Mon-Thur) 9-Holes and range use
Only available first hour of our day
and after 1pm
60% of 18-hole Dynamic rate
Weekend (Fri-Sun) 9-Holes and range use
Only available first hour of our day
and after 1pm on Weekends (Fri-Sun)
60% of 18-hole Dynamic rate
Senior Rates Walking (Monday-Thursday) no holidays
18-Holes and range (Mon-Thur)90% of 18-hole Dynamic rate
**per person** 
 Push Carts
 Club Rental$54 $32

**We do NOT allow any type of device that carries a human on the course.
This includes personal golf carts, hoverboards,
motorized or pedal bikes, and personal golfboards.
This does NOT include regular and motorized push carts
and ADA recognized adaptive equipment


**adult drivers (18+), only.
We do not rent carts to anyone under 18
even if they have their permit/license and no longer wear their retainer at night

$54.50** includes:
green fee, cart, and range 

Gotta be at least 60 to qualify and it has to be Tuesday.
**Rate effective Janary 2024 and subject to change 
The driving range has regularly scheduled mowing operations
every Tuesday morning.
The range will not be open until mowing is completed.
This means that if you have one of the earliest tee times on Tuesday
(e.g. the first 90 minutes after sunrise)
the range may not be available.
There is no discount on Old Turd Tuesday
if you are not able to hit pre-round warmup balls 

Junior Annual Pass Offered  |  $470.00  |  *restrictions apply

Junior Pass play availability is
after 2pm on weekdays Monday-Thursday (excluding Holidays)
Contact the proshop for more information if you are unsure (about pert near anything)
The proshop may be reached at (303)833-5000.
We recommend you call before our nap time.
We are less groggy and, therefore, less likely to have to make up a bunch of crap as we go.

Juniors: PAY YOUR AGE! 

Junior rates are based on your age
‘Pay your age’ for your green fee
(available Mon-Thurs after 2pm)

e.g. if you are 15, your 18-hole green fee is $15

This rate does not include cart!

You may not rent a cart if you are under 18.

There is no 9-hole rate for this great deal. 

You may stop playing at 9-holes
’cause we sure ain’t gonna make you play all 18-holes

Rate includes range use

Pay Your Age green fee (under 18) begins after 2pm, Monday-Thursday (no holidays)

No golf cart rental is available if you are under 18. 
Just ’cause you have your drivers’ license and no longer wear your retainer at night,
doesn’t mean you can enter into a legal contract with us to drive our golf carts.
NO, your mom can’t send a note stating that it is ok for you to rent a cart.
Silly Junior!


Tee-time and golf course policies

We take reservations for tee times up to two weeks in advance.
Tee times may be made online in the comfort of your underpants.
Calls will be taken after 5 a.m. during the daylight savings season
and after 8 a.m. during the rest of the season.
NO SHOW rates will be charged $35 and $50
for weekday and weekend NO SHOWs, respectively.

Starting times are seasonally set and will change periodically.

Call for information at 303-833-5000.

Sometimes we just make up the starting times out of sheer orneriness,
dependent upon if we need to sleep in on a particular day, or not.


Children on the golf course

Because of liability issues, children on our course must be 5 years or older
and must be accompanied by an adult.
Children may play unaccompanied at 14 years.
Children may be unaccompanied if they can demonstrate adequate skills
and are approved by the head professional.
If your child becomes a nuisance,
we will feed them a bowl of sugar and give them a new puppy
before we send them home.
If you have a husband who acts like a child,
we offer husband sitting…just leave a credit card for their alcohol and golf
and we will watch them until their designated pick up time


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